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UCR201 wireless CNC jog pendant

Works with UCCNC and Mach3 softwares

- Wireless jog pendant to use with the UCCNC and Mach3 softwares.
- 10-15meters transmit range (depends on environment)
- upto 6-axis on screen.
- Works with the UCCNC software via plugin.(installs with the UCCNC software, no separate download required.) and with Mach3 via plugin installation.
- Large LCD screen with backlight.

- Industrial wheel encoder wheel.
- USB wireless transmitter connects to the control PC.
- Free wireless channel frequency operation for higher transmit range than wifi.
- Function and custom pushbuttons.
- Enable safety buttons on the 2 sides of the pendant.
- Battery operation with long life. (batteries replaceble)

Downloads for this product:


1.) Product manual

2.) UCx00 automatic installer application for Mach3 software